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30 min body scrub (coffee or sugar crystals) +
30 min body scrub (coffee or sugar crystals)
AED 1033

*prices excluding taxes

30 min full-body scrub + 60 min any type of massage

Experience the Ultimate in VIP Massage & Skin Care

At RusEliteSpa, we take pride in offering an exclusive VIP Massage and Skin Care experience. Our tailored approach combines the soothing benefits of massage with the rejuvenating properties of advanced skincare, creating a luxurious wellness journey.

Pamper Yourself with Elite Skin Care and Massage

Indulge in our VIP Skin Care & Massage service, where we fuse therapeutic massage techniques with cutting-edge skincare treatments. This unique combination is designed to nurture your body and enhance your skin’s natural glow.

  • Expertly Delivered Massage for Deep Relaxation
  • Advanced Skincare Solutions for Radiant Skin
  • Personalized Treatments Tailored to Your Needs
  • Luxurious and Soothing Atmosphere

Our VIP Massage & Skin Care is not just a treatment, it’s a transformative experience. We ensure every detail is perfected to provide you with an unparalleled level of care and relaxation.

Exclusive VIP Treatment for Your Total Well-being

Choose our exclusive VIP Treatment for a blend of relaxation and beauty that caters to both your physical and aesthetic needs. Our skilled therapists and estheticians work in harmony to deliver a service that’s as indulgent as it is beneficial.

  • Customized Massage Techniques for Ultimate Comfort
  • High-Quality Skincare Products for Optimal Results
  • Relaxing and Rejuvenating Experience
  • Attention to Detail in a Luxurious Setting

Book your appointment today and immerse yourself in the world of VIP luxury. At RusEliteSpa, your wellness and beauty are our highest priority. Experience the best in massage and skin care with our dedicated team of professionals.

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