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Standard Moroccan Bath

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45min - AED 399
60min - AED 540

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Revitalize Your Senses: Unwind With Our Standard Moroccan Bath At Rus Elite Spa

Escape to the enchanting world of relaxation with our Standard Moroccan Bath at Rus Elite Spa. Immerse yourself in the traditional cleansing ritual known in Morocco as the Hammam Moroccan bath. Performed by our skilled Moroccan leefa, this therapeutic bath combines the healing properties of soap and scrub to exfoliate, cleanse, and soften your skin. Enhancing blood circulation and promoting deep relaxation, our Standard Moroccan Bath is a timeless experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Traditional Tranquility: The Moroccan Bath Experience

Unlock the Secrets of the Moroccan bath Hammam by stepping into the allure of the Moroccan Bath, a ritual deeply ingrained in Moroccan culture for centuries. Our Moroccan leefa, a skilled practitioner, employs a combination of traditional techniques, soap, and scrub to provide a holistic cleansing experience. The gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells, unveiling a radiant and revitalized complexion.

The Moroccanbath Journey:

  • Preparation and Steam. Begin with a relaxing steam session, preparing your skin for the cleansing ritual ahead. The warmth opens your pores, allowing for the effective removal of impurities.
  • Moroccan Leefa Application. Our expert Moroccan leefa skillfully applies a blend of soap and scrub, using time-honored techniques to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. The leefa’s gentle touch ensures a soothing and refreshing experience.
  • Rinse and Relax. Rinse away the impurities, unveiling soft and supple skin beneath. Feel the tension melt away as the water washes over you, promoting a profound sense of relaxation.

Moroccan Bath Price

  • 45-minute Session Offer Price: AED 510
  • 60-minute Session Offer Price: AED 685

Purchase Your Moroccan Bath Experience:

Indulge in the rejuvenating benefits of our Standard Moroccan Bath by purchasing a 45-minute or 60-minute session. Treat yourself to this traditional ritual that not only enhances your skin’s vitality but also transports you to a state of tranquil bliss.

Enhance Your Moroccan Bath Experience: Tailored Treatments

Moroccan Bath Treatment Add-ons:

Elevate your Moroccan Bath experience with our curated add-ons, enhancing the benefits and pampering quotient.

  • Moroccan Bath Spa Upgrade- Extend your session with additional Moroccan bath spa amenities, ensuring an even more indulgent experience.
  • Traditional Moroccan Bath Skincare Products- Bring the essence of the Moroccan Bath home with our exclusive line of traditional Moroccan skincare products. Purchase these authentic products to maintain the benefits of your traditional Moroccan bath spa experience.

Extend Your Experience: Discover The 60-Minute Session Advantage.

Opt for the 60-minute Moroccan Bath session for an extended journey into relaxation and revitalization. The additional time allows for a more immersive experience, ensuring a thorough exfoliation and a deeper sense of tranquility. Invest in an extended session and let the soothing touch of the Moroccan leefa transport you to a realm of unparalleled bliss.

Complement Your Experience: Curate Your Spa Day

Combine the Moroccan bath with other spa services to create a personalized spa day tailored to your preferences. From massages to facials, our spa menu offers a variety of options for you to customize your pampering session. Purchase multiple services and design a spa day that caters to your unique needs.

Immerse Yourself In Tradition: Purchase Your Moroccan Bath Today

Imbue your self-care routine with the time-tested traditions of the Moroccan bath treatment at Rus Elite Spa. Choose your preferred session duration, customize your experience with our additional treatments, and extend your relaxation with the 60-minute advantage. Purchase your Moroccan Bath session now at and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and cultural indulgence. Your path to relaxation awaits.

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